2012-05-03 —

The U.S. Fed, for instance would likely see a sharp gold price rise of the kind predicated by the gold bulls as a disastrous reflection on its attempts to mitigate a collapse in the U.S. economy - and one suspects the politicians in power would give them support in exerting at least a degree of control of the gold price (as they might with any currency), albeit surreptitiously, as the general perception that the U.S. economy is not likely to sink into oblivion would be a particularly strong aim.  One knows that official statistics are indeed continually manipulated and massaged and the goalposts moved with such a purpose.

But one also doubts that the aim is to suppress gold entirely but perhaps to create a controlled `devaluation' of the dollar by letting gold rise slowly, but surely.  Indeed the U.S. debt problem is in reality even worse than that of Europe in terms of trillions of dollars owed.


Why one feels that gold somehow has a lot further to run over the years ahead is that economics tells us that the U.S. and Europe - and other significant debtor nations - cannot just keep on getting further and further in debt ad infinitum without a counter reaction arising. Some day the chickens will come home to roost when creditor nations will be looking for some kind of more secure payment.

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