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Tykhe Capital, LLC - Stat. Arb.; Quant. Long


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According to the letter posted here, at least two of Tykhe's funds are down 17-31% as of Aug 9, 2008 month-to-date (we have no idea how much they are down year-to-date or since inception, if at all). The letter also "reassures" investors that the fund is down to less than 1x gross leverage (which by our figuring, means 31% total fund losses would be a deterioration of about 60% of equity after leverage—but we can't say what the total impact is without knowing performance prior to August).

If we hear more about how Tykhe is doing and how it reacts to these "challenges," we will post updates.

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Important: This fund is on our list of hedge funds that are apparently ailing or which we think are worth watching for any other reason. Ailing funds haven't shut down, but they've suffered significant value declines and/or temporarily halted redemptions. Funds on watch may not even have unusual declines, but may be posted if it is felt there may be risk of developing a more serious condition eventually.