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Polygon - activist


Count of distinct funds: 1
Capital base: GBP4 billion ($8B)
Loss: down 4% on the year

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Today we must regretfully continue the preponderance of ailing 'p'-named hedge funds (e.g. Plexus, Pardus, Platinum...) with Polygon.

Skittish over market turmoil and a 4% loss so far this year, the activist funds' investors have lined up for withdrawal. Polygon had established a "stacked gate" system for this—which would allow only a limited number of investors out at once, and require the rest to wait. But the hedge fund wisely realized that this system would simply encourage investors to put their requests in early, so as not to be stuck at the back of the queue. They've abandoned that plan in favor of offering a new class of shares "without any gate".

It should be interesting to see how popular this option proves to be. If most investors opt out anyway, then they must be worried about performance (and market conditions) more than about a run on the fund.

We will endeavor to keep you posted.

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trimmer at 09:19 2008-09-02 said:
From what I understand the gate in the new share class is at an individual investor level. Once you invest, you can't get more than 10% out at a time.

NB - totally un-corrobrated gossip says that investors were told that if they didn't move to the new shareclass the fund would implode and they'd get very little money back. Permalink

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