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Clinton Group Multi-Strategy Fund - multi-strategy


Count of distinct funds: 1
Capital base: $400 million (end of 2007)
Loss: 45% value, 80% assets

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Not sure how we missed this one but here it is. Looks like Clinton group is in a variety of businees we really would not want to be in these days:

Multistrategy was down 45% in the first quarter due to bad bets on mortgage-backed securities. Total assets are down by almost 80%—just $90 million from $400 million on New Years Eve—as investors have fled the sinking fund. Clinton Group’s hedge fund assets have fallen from $5.5 billion five years ago to just $600 million today. The firm also manages $7 billion in collateralized-debt obligations and $400 million in private equity.

But the firm's irrepressible founder is not deterred, and lucky for him, there aren't any consequences in this ball game:

Despite the setbacks, firm founder George Hall is apparently not discouraged, as he hopes to raise $150 million for a new fund, Bloomberg News reports. The new vehicle will invest in stocks and asset-backed bonds, featuring annual, as opposed to Multistrategy’s quarterly, liquidity.

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hedgefunddick at 15:52 2008-10-27 said:
I wonder how much longer he can keep the group together based on the fact he has lost a lot of investment dollars. Permalink
hedgefunddick at 16:27 2008-10-28 said:
How did this HF make out on their last offering? Permalink

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