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BP Capital - Energy


Count of distinct funds: 1
Capital base: $2 bn
Loss: Post-losses/redemptions fund at $400 - $500, or 75% lower assets from peak

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T. Boone Pickens' hedge fund BP Capital, which invested heavily in energy, has seen its assets under management drop from around $2 billion to "between $400 million and $500 million after expected withdrawals" the WSJ reports:

About half of the investors in T. Boone Pickens's energy-oriented equity hedge fund have asked to withdraw their money on the heels of losses of about 60% this year, according to people close to the matter. Mr. Pickens and his investment firm have lost $2 billion since peaking in late June, Mr. Pickens said Sunday on the CBS program "60 Minutes."

The losses have hit Pickens' pocket as he has lost some $400 million of his own money in his funds. Further, approximately 20% of the remaining AUM for BP Capital will be Pickens.

Another fund of Pickens that invested in commodities is reported to be down some 84% on the year.

Despite these severe losses and redemptions, Mr. Pickens remains optimistic, telling 60 minutes that "I'll get it back". We'll see.

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