2019-05-29 —

Does anyone think that the recent free fall of the TSLA share price is not related to the failure of the Autonomy Day? This was supposed to razzle and dazzle and convince the investment community to `hold the line', to deflect from the poor 1Q-2019 results. Don't look at what we have just done, look at what we will be doing, and not in five years, but in one year or less! It was an utter patent failure.

The perfect time for the capital raise would have been 2Q-2018 into 3Q-2018 when the Model 3 ramp was about to lift off. It wouldn't have mattered that Elon had previously stated that TSLA could grow organically, or didn't need another capital raise. He has said a lot of things that have turned out to be optimistic (or late in terms in timing), and a lot of these appeared to have had minimal or almost no impact on him as CEO, or TSLA as a business, and how TSLA was viewed by the investment community at this point in time.

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