2017-07-13 —

``Greece could return to financial markets in the next few weeks, investors and bankers close to the discussions told Reuters, raising private cash that would mark an important step towards ending its dependence on official funding next year.


"Over the last few months we would get one call on this every couple of weeks (from bankers), but over the last 10 days it seems to be every day I'm getting a call asking about this particular topic," BlueBay's Mark Dowding told Reuters.


"I think they would like to send a signal that they don't depend solely on the Troika anymore for funding. It's more like a political statement, they are being driven politically to do a deal," the banker said.

A second banker said a sale in the next few weeks was possible although it may yet be pushed back until after German elections in September. He said Greece could expect to raise at least 3 billion euros in the debt sale.

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