2012-12-23 —

... the primary reason that JPM hasn't been able to cover shorts is that all of the other commercials are buying and, as we know, JPM is the seller/capper/manipulator of last resort! In fact, since 10/2, the total Cartel gross short position in silver has actually RISEN by over 2000 contracts from 93,628 to 95,686. THIS IS UNPRECEDENTED!! NEVER BEFORE HAVE I SEEN THIS AND, FRANKLY, I DON'T KNOW FOR SURE WHAT TO MAKE OF IT.


I know this is hard to believe, especially considering this week's deliberate and desperate manipulative takedowns. However, the silver market internals are increasingly bullish to the point where a huge 2013 is not only likely, it's a virtual certainty. At this point, all we need is a spark to set off an unquenchable fire of JPM short-covering where the silver market, for all intents and purposes, goes "offerless". The only question is: Will we get that spark? If we do, the outcome will truly be historic and explosive.

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