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Pursuit Capital Partners - fixed income


Count of distinct funds: 1
Capital base: $650M
Loss: ?

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News of redemptions suspensions and/or limitations at this fund comes from BusinessWeek (linked above), which says little more than:

Pursuit Capital, which invests mainly in debt backed by mortgages, corporate loans, and aircraft leases, earned 12% in 2007 and is up 1% since January. But early this year, nervous investors started asking for their money back. Rather than selling assets into a falling market, the managers decided to block redemptions to prevent a run on the bank. "They are doing it to protect investors," says Michael Burg, a lawyer for Pursuit.

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particlebeam at 18:32 2008-11-08 said:
Few comments on pursuit partners:

-Run by former Greenwich Capital bond salesman with no ABS credit analysis/trading experience -Ran an affiliated broker/dealer that provided marks to hedge fund, Pursuit -Lead investor, Fiduciary Asset Management run by Wayne Angell (a historical sales relationship of principals) redeemed in early 08 -No SEC registration and are having problems with certification of 07 audit

Case-in-point why we need SEC regulation of hedge funds. Permalink

Mariontdlewis at 22:11 2008-11-08 said:
Hedge funds are greed derivatives, by and large. If the current trajectory continues, though, it looks like most of them have flown too close to the sun.

By Marion TD Lewis, Esq. New York Permalink

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