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John W. Henry & Co. - "Long term trend following" in managed futures


Count of distinct funds: 7
Capital base: $2.8 billion (at peak in 2005)
Loss: 40%+

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Recent events (especially the rally in the Yen) have accentuated a swan dive of John W. Henry's various funds (7 of 8 of them, according to the second article). Assets under management have apparently dropped from $2.8 billion at the peak in 2005 to around $500 million now.

The second describes Strategic Allocation Program as JWH's "flagship" fund, and suggests it was down at least 12% as of April. We're unclear on where it sits now. That article has extensive details of the Firm's difficulties due to what seems to be dwindling interest from its founder, who is now arguably more interested in professional sports franchise ownership.

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zinmaster at 14:38 2008-11-11 said:
Since they are up huge this year, should they remain on this list?

just wondering. Seem like a lot of so-called "ailing" funds are here based on very obsolete information, yet a lot of groups who have lost billions are not listed. The entertainment level may be higher than the information level... Permalink

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